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‘Movie 43’ Screen Caps

Caps courtesy of Gerard Butler Network.

With thanks to Courtney, HJF now has HD, 720p screen caps for Movie 43. Hugh Jackman had a small role in the film, acting alongside Kate Winslet for a very funny scene that opened the multi-skit comedy. Please be aware that the caps are NSFW, as the content is a bit crude — and that does entail prosthetics on Hugh’s face. There’s also a few caps from the bloopers shown over the credits.

Film Still for ‘Movie 43’ Released

A film still from the upcoming Movie 43 has been released. Finally, we get a look at Hugh Jackman’s character… and a hint of a certain aesthetic abnormality he may or may not have. Still not sure what his character’s name is, but we’ll find out soon enough: the movie hits theaters January 25th.

Official Poster for ‘Movie 43’ Released

First Trailer for ‘Movie 43’

The first, official trailer for Movie 43 – starring Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Emma Stone, Halle Berry, and practically half of Hollywood – has finally hit the web. Hugh isn’t in it much, but you can catch a glimpse of him playing the still unnamed character — although it appears something about said character might have been edited out to keep the surprise element in tact for future audiences. Keep in mind that, due to nudity and swearing, the trailer is NSFW; you’ll have to enter in your birthday to prove you’re a legal adult before viewing the content courtesy of Comedy Central.