Dec 4, 2012
Articles, General News, Les Misérables, Press, Rise of the Guardians Comments Off on The Rise of Hugh Jackman

Posting this article has been a bit delayed — it’s actually from November 30th, when Hugh Jackman spoke to Australia’s The Age. Although meant to be a feature piece on Rise of the Guardians, he does dip his toes into the subject of Les Mis. He talks a little about his childhood – that he was “quite fearful” – and his own children, Oscar and Ava, including their thoughts on

Nov 26, 2012
Film News, General News, Interviews, Les Misérables, Press, Rise of the Guardians, The Wolverine, Videos Comments Off on ‘Les Misérables’ Sydney Press Junket

There have been so many news updates lately due to a press junket that happened on Saturday. They’re becoming a little overwhelming, so I’m keeping them all in this post instead. (In fact, I’ll do a “master post” for each city Hugh Jackman sits down in for multiple interviews from now on.) So, read on for all the latest on Hugh promoting Les Misérables in Sydney, with the most recent

Nov 21, 2012
Film News, Real Steel, Rise of the Guardians Comments Off on Hugh Jackman – Among Others – is Someone Dakota Goyo Would “Love to be like Someday”

Real Steel star Dakota Goyo is in another of Hugh Jackman’s films: Rise of the Guardians. While speaking to The Star for the soon-to-be-released DreamWorks Animation picture, he mentioned his previous co-star several times — including whether or not there will be more robot boxing adventures: On getting involved with Guardians: “It happened two years ago. DreamWorks Animation asked me if I wanted to do the part, and of course

Nov 19, 2012

Check out the above video of Hugh Jackman and Chris Pine introducing Rise of the Guardians, followed by a (pretty decently long) clip of the film when Jack Frost arrives at the North Pole. There’s also a Q&A with cast and crew after the scene with director Peter Ramsey, Alec Baldwin (Santa Claus, aka North), Isla Fisher (The Tooth Fairy, aka Tooth), and executive producer Guillermo del Toro. If the

Nov 15, 2012
Film News, Gallery, Rise of the Guardians Comments Off on Concept Art and Film Stills for ‘Rise of the Guardians’

I’ve just added some high-quality film stills and concept art of Rise of the Guardians to the gallery. You can view three illustrations for the film, including early character artwork and a beautiful “painted” scene from the movie itself. There are also stills from Guardians, each featuring the ensemble cast along with Hugh Jackman’s Bunnymund.

Nov 9, 2012
Interviews, Press, Rise of the Guardians, Videos Comments Off on Hugh Talks Why Kids Will Love ‘Guardians’

Hugh Jackman probably won’t be on a full publicity run for Rise of the Guardians, as he’s currently wrapping up The Wolverine in Australia, but hopefully we’ll get more videos like this. In this short Q&A, he talks about why kids will love the film (all their heroes fighting together to protect childhood), the pros of the main cast (and what each individual brought to the role), the lessons found

Oct 30, 2012
Film News, Rise of the Guardians, Videos Comments Off on New Bunnymund Featurette for ‘Rise of the Guardians’

A new video has been released for Rise of the Guardians, solely featuring Bunnymund (voiced by Hugh Jackman). We get a better look at his character – including his egg bombs – although there isn’t too much dialogue from the Easter Bunny himself. Still, it’s a nice little featurette that’s sure to get fans of Hugh’s even more excited about the upcoming animated film. Rise of the Guardians hits theaters

Oct 24, 2012
General News, Interviews, Les Misérables, Press, Rise of the Guardians Comments Off on Hugh Talks Easter Bunny, Christmas Traditions, and Meditation

There are so many articles about and interviews with Hugh Jackman out there that merely reiterate the same information over and over, but not this time. Static Multimedia was able to interview him recently about Rise of the Guardians and Les Misérables — and it’s quite the exciting read. In it, he talks about some childhood anecdotes, singing live on set from 8AM to 8PM, Christmas traditions, and he touches

Sep 23, 2012
Film News, Rise of the Guardians Comments Off on New Poster for ‘Rise of the Guardians’

Forgot to report on this, but there’s a new poster for Rise Of The Guardians, Hugh Jackman’s upcoming DreamWorks animated feature. I’ve also added all the character posters from the film to the gallery, if you’re interested in checking out some detail on Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, and Pitch. (Remember: Hugh plays the Australian Easter Bunny, Bunnymund.) The film comes out November 21st.

Jul 6, 2012
Film News, Rise of the Guardians, Videos Comments Off on New ‘Rise of the Guardians’ Trailer

A second trailer for Rise Of The Guardians has hit the web, this one with a greater focus on Jack Frost (played by Chris Pine). The upcoming DreamWorks film will see the “Big Four” – Santa Claus (Alec Baldwin), the Tooth Fairy (Isla Fisher), the Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman), and the Sandman – recruiting Jack to help defeat an evil villain, Pitch (Jude Law) aka the Boogeyman. Be sure to

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