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‘The Wolverine’ Beijing Premiere

The day after Hugh Jackman attended the Beijing press conference for The Wolverine, he made an appearance at the premiere. It was the final destination for the movie’s promo tour. Although he was the only cast member on hand, the celebrations were not neglected; a large cake was on-hand for Hugh’s 45th birthday, which had only been a few days prior. There are a bunch of images from the event in the gallery now.

‘The Wolverine’ Beijing Press Conference

To finish off the press tour for The Wolverine, Hugh Jackman headed to one final destination: Beijing, China. On October 14th, he attended a press conference for the James Mangold-directed film and was interviewed in a solo panel with press on hand. You can check out the 20-minute video below, which is not dubbed over, so English-speaking fans might find it of interest. He, of course, talks about the film, including nice insight on (im)mortality — and how his mortality makes playing Wolverine pretty difficult.

‘The Wolverine’ Tokyo Press Conference

On August 29th – in Tokyo, Japan – Hugh Jackman attended a press conference for The Wolverine — which will probably be his last in support of this particular movie. Like the premiere that was held the previous night, he was joined by his co-stars Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima, and Hiroyuki Sanada along with their director, James Mangold. I’ve added several images to the gallery, with hopefully video to follow.

‘The Wolverine’ Tokyo Premiere

Over a month after it hit U.S. cinemas, The Wolverine has finally had its long-awaited Tokyo premiere. Hugh Jackman was there to promote the movie alongside his co-stars Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima, and Hiroyuki Sanada; director James Mangold also made the long flight from the States to join the actors. I’ll be adding more pics as they come in. How great does Hugh look? The Wolverine hits Japanese theaters on Sept. 13th.

“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” (July 2013)

HQ photos courtesy of Britt at Enchanting Emma Watson.

On Wednesday, July 24th, Hugh Jackman made another appearance on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” As was the case last time, they had great rapport throughout and even played a little game at the end — this time, one that involved beer and vodka. Fallon recently introduced a baby girl into the world – his first child – so Hugh gives him some fatherhood advice in the interview, including a book to detail various special moments. There also a great ongoing joke about “the clamps” in the second clip which is very, very funny (while tying into The Wolverine). Definitely check this interview out, before Hulu takes them down.

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Mamarazzi Help Hugh Celebrate ‘The Wolverine’

After attending “Good Morning America” on July 24th, Hugh Jackman headed to AMC Empire 25 in New York to talk to Mamarazzi. “The Moms,” Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein,” interviewed Hugh and introduced him to 1,800 miniature cupcakes provided by Baked By…Melissa. Following an exclusive screening to parents and their children, there was a short Q&A in which Hugh spoke about whether or not he sees his own kids turning to acting, how he protects them from the internet, and advice on realizing your dreams. You can check out a compilation video below with some highlights from the event.

“Good Morning America” (July 2013)

On July 24th, Hugh Jackman was up early to appear on “Good Morning America.” Of course, he talked about his forthcoming movie, The Wolverine, but there was a special emphasis on his fitness regime. Where most interviews only provide talk regarding his workout routine, Hugh’s trainer David Kingsbury was on hand to show audiences some techniques to stay in shape. There are two different videos, which you can watch below: the first features Hugh talking, while the other is the outdoor training session (in which Hugh doesn’t talk much).

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‘The Wolverine’ New York Fan Screening

Earlier today (July 23rd), Hugh Jackman attended a special screening for The Wolverine. At the AMC Empire in New York, he stopped by to introduce the film to legions of fans waiting for an early viewing. You can find a lot of fan pictures over on HJF’s Tumblr, and someone has generously uploaded a video from the event which includes Hugh answering a few questions.

2013 Comic-Con: 20th Century Fox

As previously mentioned, the entire cast of X-Men: Days of Future Past was in San Diego yesterday, July 20th, as part of the annual Comic-Con. Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry, James McAvoy, Anna Paquin, Ian McKellen, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Michael Fassbender, Shawn Ashmore, Peter Dinklage, Ellen Page, Evan Peters, and Omar Sy were all there to talk about the film, along with Hugh Jackman and director Bryan Singer. (Hugh actually had dual panel duties at the event, as he also joined James Mangold to talk about The Wolverine.) A little birdie told me you can watch the entire SDCC panel here on YouTube.

2013 Comic-Con: ‘The Wolverine’ Press Conference

Although the big event of 2013 Comic-Con was the huge X-Men cast gathering together, Hugh Jackman was also there to promote a film that’s coming out much, much sooner: The Wolverine! Alongside James Mangold, he spoke to the press about the film, including the international appeal (especially with it being set in Japan and having primarily Japanese actors — even 1/3 of Japanese dialogue) and how the “lean storytelling” of the Claremont/Miller samurai saga will translate to the screen.

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