Oct 16, 2012
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A beautiful new film still from Les Misérables has been released, once again featuring Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean. It looks like it must be from the early on-location shooting done in France. Très magnifique! Be sure to check out the picture in the gallery for the full-size, as the makeup and costume are impeccable and definitely worth getting a closer look at.

Oct 16, 2012
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The Daily Telegraph recently posted an article all about the new and original song, “Suddenly,” to be featured in the upcoming Les Misérables movie-musical. There’s a lot more information on the song, including the subject matter and even a short line from the lyrics. Lyricist Alain Boublil and composer Claude-Michel Schonberg visited Hugh Jackman during his Back on Broadway run to know exactly what kind of voice they’d be writing for. Check it all out below:

Hugh Jackman has received one of the greatest honours in musical theatre. Not another Tony, a Drama Desk, or a Laurence Olivier, but a song. Not just any song, but his own song; written by the creators of the Les Miserables stage show, tailored specifically to his voice, for inclusion in a film that could change big screen musicals forever.

And he is finally ready to reveal its subject.

Jackman drops down into the interview chair at Pinewood Studios, straight from the gym and still in his tracksuit and trainers. Though he is looking better fed now, he had to shed 14kg to sculpt his character Jean Valjean’s tortured convict physique in the initial scenes of the Les Miserables shoot.

He has since regained 11 of those kilos and aged considerably; his hair is tinged with grey.

It is this incarnation of Valjean, by now a prosperous but charitable mayor, who sings the much-anticipated new solo created by Les Mis lyricist Alain Boublil and composer Claude-Michel Schonberg.

They watched Jackman’s one-man show on Broadway before putting pen to paper.

“It’s kind of an amazing honour they came to see the show and I was singing for 2 1/2 hours so they saw every possible colour of my voice and they said ‘right, now we’re going to write it for you,'” Jackman, 44, says. “I’ll do my best not to screw it up.”

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Oct 12, 2012
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Finally, there’s some news on the upcoming original musical, Houdini. Broadway.com recently spoke to director Jack O’Brien, and he spilled the beans on what to expect with the music. We also have somewhat of a timeline on what to expect with further advances in the musical-making progress, as an Act I reading is scheduled to take place in January. Check out the information below:

“The two ballads Stephen has written, one that closes Act I and one that closes the show, are among the greatest things he’s ever written,” O’Brien recently told Broadway.com. “Hugh just kills with them. It’s vintage Schwartz, it’s gorgeous,” O’Brien said of the Wicked composer’s newest score, noting it echos music from the 1920s, when the story is set.

Oscar-winning Social Network scribe Aaron Sorkin is penning the musical’s book and taking a different narrative route than that of a traditional biography. Instead, the musical tells the story of an epic battle between Houdini and a trio of women, known as ‘Spiritualists,’ who convinced millions of people they could communicate with the dead.

Jackman and the show’s creative team are “working our butts off,” according to O’Brien. A read-through of the show’s first act is scheduled for January. Jackman will then take a break to film the police drama Prisoners with Jake Gyllenhaal, then reconvene on Houdini in March and April.

Oct 11, 2012
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Oct 10, 2012
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Two images from a new photo shoot have been added to the gallery. With Hugh Jackman sporting short-cropped hair, it looks like they were taken over the summer. (You might remember the Best Life cover posted a couple of months back, which also features an image from the shoot.) Hopefully I’ll be able to obtain HQ versions of these eventually – Hugh looks great in them – but enjoy these smaller pictures in the meantime!

Oct 10, 2012
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The Les Misérables promo team has just released something new for fans: character art, featuring Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean. I’m not quite sure if this is considered an official poster that will be used (there aren’t even any actor credits), but it’s a great close-up look at Valjean with a wonderful new tagline that associates with his character.

Oct 3, 2012
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The first, official trailer for Movie 43 – starring Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Emma Stone, Halle Berry, and practically half of Hollywood – has finally hit the web. Hugh isn’t in it much, but you can catch a glimpse of him playing the still unnamed character — although it appears something about said character might have been edited out to keep the surprise element in tact for future audiences. Keep in mind that, due to nudity and swearing, the trailer is NSFW; you’ll have to enter in your birthday to prove you’re a legal adult before viewing the content courtesy of Comedy Central.

Oct 2, 2012
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Hugh Jackman has been tapped to perform for the Academy of Music Anniversary Concert to be held January 26, 2013. Although details are still sparse, Philly.com is reporting that he’ll be singing alongside the Philadelphia Orchestra. According to an orchestra spokeswoman, it sounds like the show will be like his Back on Broadway stint, with singing, dancing, and comedic elements strewn throughout:

“We are told we can expect highlights from some of his award-winning performances, that he will dance, and that it will be an all-around theatrical performance, including some of his comedic wit. As always, we will leave much of this to be a surprise to the audience.”

Tickets for the event go on sale November 1st and cost $200 for the concert. For those lucky enough, you can attend the concert and ball for a price tag of $325-$1,850.

Sep 27, 2012

A segment on Australia Today highlighted the upcoming film, Les Misérables, with some extra footage that hasn’t previously been seen in either the trailer or extended look. Throughout the video, there’s an interview with Hugh Jackman commenting on various aspects of the movie-making process and chasing the roll, including some comments on his friendship with fellow Aussie, Russell Crowe (who plays Javert). Les Mis hits U.S. theaters on Christmas Day.

Sep 25, 2012

On September 24th, there was one special, surprise guest at this year’s Helpmann Awards: Hugh Jackman himself! Unannounced to attendees of the award show, he showed up onstage – complete with Wolverine muttonchops – to present Best Musical. Hugh’s friend and fellow Aussie, Cate Blanchett, was also there as she won an award for Best Female Actress in a Play (for her role in Gross und Klein). The Helpmanns “recognize distinguished artistic achievement and excellence in Australia’s live performing arts sector.”

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