Nov 1, 2012
Film News, Gallery, The Wolverine Comments Off on Hugh Films Snowy Scene for ‘The Wolverine’

The Daily Telegraph captured Jackman perched on top of a snow plough which raced through the wintry Japanese setting all while black ninjas attacked him from the village’s rooftops. Hugh and his shiny claws spent most of the night on the rickety snow plough’s cabin while shooting at Sydney Olympic Park.

Jackman hung off its side, jumped in the air and even dangled his legs over the edge during a break. The fitness freak also bounced into some push ups on the vehicle and ate a snack without getting down. But its dangerous work fighting off enemies who seemingly come from everywhere armed with samurai swords and hatchets. So extra measures were taken for the thrilling fight scene with Jackman having two safety cables attached to his side and linked up to cranes on the set.


Oct 31, 2012
Film News, Gallery, Prisoners Comments Off on First Teaser Poster for ‘Prisoners’

We just got an amazing teaser poster for The Wolverine, almost at the end of their shooting schedule. Now, there’s a first look at the artwork for Hugh Jackman’s next film, Prisoners, which hasn’t even started production yet. Bloody Disgusting released the teaser poster, while Dread Central provided proof of it being displayed at the American Film Market in Santa Monica. Prisoners already has a set theatrical release for September 20, 2013.

Oct 30, 2012
Charities, General News Comments Off on Hugh Helps Launch “Nomad Two Worlds”

It’s a bit hard to chuck a sickie if you’re Wolverine. So Hugh Jackman has discovered after realising his film shooting schedule means he will miss the party for his passion project, the launch of Russell James’s book Nomad Two Worlds, tomorrow night at the Darling Hotel in Sydney.

“I’m devastated,” Jackman sighed. “Nomads is one project I really believe in and we’ve been talking about the book launch for 12 months. But you know, we’ve all got a boss. They knew what it meant to me but the train’s rolling, unfortunately.”

The book features James’s photos and collaborations with indigenous Australian, Native American and Haitian artists. A percentage of the proceeds of the book will go to art projects in indigenous communities.

“Nomads is about reconciliation and bringing cultures together in a social business sense,” Jackman told The Sun-Herald’s Shelly Horton. “This is the apology in action.”

James has just flown in from Haiti where the book was launched by Bill Clinton and Richard Branson. “We try to celebrate the art of the indigenous artists and not have it be a celebrity-driven brand, but while everyone has been enormously respectful of that, we have had some amazing celebrities help out,” he said.

For Jackman it’s a chance to use his celebrity for good. “I do try not to use my celebrity for evil,” he joked, “I mean it’s a daily struggle because the pull of evil is so strong but if I can ever use it for good, I do.”


Oct 30, 2012
Film News, Rise of the Guardians, Videos Comments Off on New Bunnymund Featurette for ‘Rise of the Guardians’

A new video has been released for Rise of the Guardians, solely featuring Bunnymund (voiced by Hugh Jackman). We get a better look at his character – including his egg bombs – although there isn’t too much dialogue from the Easter Bunny himself. Still, it’s a nice little featurette that’s sure to get fans of Hugh’s even more excited about the upcoming animated film. Rise of the Guardians hits theaters November 21st.

Oct 29, 2012
Film News, Gallery, Interviews, Press, The Wolverine, Videos Comments Off on New Teaser Poster for ‘The Wolverine’

Did you catch the live Q&A for The Wolverine? For just short of a half-hour, Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold talked about the upcoming film, answering questions submitted by fans. If there was one theme throughout the interview, it was “rage,” as it seems Wolverine’s berserker attitude is coming out big time in the upcoming adaptation.

After the Q&A, fans were sent to the movie’s official Facebook and official Twitter to get the code for a special treat: the above teaser poster, featuring a painted Wolverine in a traditional ink style. Looks great! If you missed the Q&A, you can still head over to YouTube and and watch a repeat of it right here.

Oct 29, 2012
Film News, Gallery, Les Misérables Comments Off on Another Japanese ‘Les Mis’ Poster Released

Oct 26, 2012
Film News, Gallery, Press, The Wolverine Comments Off on Film Still for ‘The Wolverine’ Unleashed; Mangold Talks ‘Wolverine’

A promotional image from The Wolverine was released last month, but now we have the first official film still from the upcoming film. With Hugh Jackman sporting the bone claws, fans can surmise that this is a flashback scene, as it was just announced – by director James Mangold – that the film will be a loose sequel to X-Men: The Last Stand. Check out some quotes from Mangold on The Wolverine from Empire, courtesy of

“It’s rooted in drama. Effectively almost every superhero film, in a sense, revolves around some large group of humanity that’s either killed or held hostage while superheroes battle it out with supervilains. The essential driving forces of this movie are interpersonal and dramatic, about love, bitterness, loss, vengeance, redemption, depression, suicide, conquering inner demons; it’s going to make it a very different film than people have seen.”

“The cultural qualities that Japan and its people bring – honour, a sense of duty, of conflict – really fit beautifully around Logan. Our film find Logan at a point where he’s very much a ronin; a samurai without a master. Anyone he ever had a connection to is either dead or gone.”

“When I say realistic, what I mean is that it’s not built on 70-foot lizards from outer space. Our goal is to try to be a little less super-CG and wires, and a little more hardcore. I want the film to feel analogue. You always have large-scale action and adventure; it wouldn’t be a movie about gods if you didn’t have epic physicality. But we all feel we’re making a Japanese noir picture with tentpole action in it.”

Oct 26, 2012
Articles, Film News, Les Misérables, Press Comments Off on “Your Heart Will Break for [Isabelle Allen],” Says Hugh

An article from has Hugh Jackman talking all about his Les Misérables co-stars, with emphasis on good friend, Russell Crowe. There’s a lot of really sweet quotes from Hugh, praising Russell, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Samantha Barks, and even Isabelle Allen (who fans will see as young Cosette). He even mentions the harsh realities of singing live on set, and how performing on the Alps affected his voice. Check out an excerpt below before heading to the source for the rest:

Hugh [Jackman] described the scene that we were about to watch: “Today’s the barricade scene, so we’re in the midst of the revolution. The students are there amid the barricade, and my character disguises himself as a soldier to sneak past them and comes in as a volunteer to get behind. What he’s really doing is he’s coming to find Marius, because he’s intercepted a letter from Marius to Cosette, my daughter, declaring his love, and it says, ‘Now, I know you love me, too.’ So, this is where I finally meet the boy and I get embroiled in this fight.”

We heard Hugh sing live (the cast performs the songs live, which sets this movie musical apart) in take after take of this scene, so that tune lingered in our mind for days.

Not only did Hugh sing live on the first day of the shoot; he crooned in freezing temperature in the Alps. He said, “We started in the Alps, which was fantastic, because we were in an area in France that the book is set in. Literally, there was no acting required. You can see the steam, you can hear the cold in my voice as I’m singing. The brilliance, the guts of Cameron, Tom, and of everyone to decide to have the songs sung live right through gives the songs immediacy; we discovered that on the very first day.”

On singing with his fellow Aussie, Russell Crowe, Hugh remarked, “Remember, we had seven weeks of rehearsal. You can’t turn up at a musical and just hope to do it.”


Oct 25, 2012
Film News, Gallery, Les Misérables Comments Off on New Monsieur Le Mayor Film Still

Yet another new image of Hugh Jackman in Les Misérables has been released, gearing fans and moviegoers up for heavy promotion for the upcoming epic movie-musical adaptation. Hugh can be seen in costume as Monsieur Le Mayor, an alias of Jean Valjean. Michael Moses – Universal’s “picture pusher” – stated the following about the length of the film just an hour ago: “End credits aren’t on yet but the running time of Les Misérables without them is 2:32.” The film hits U.S. cinemas on Christmas Day.

Oct 24, 2012
General News, Interviews, Les Misérables, Press, Rise of the Guardians Comments Off on Hugh Talks Easter Bunny, Christmas Traditions, and Meditation

There are so many articles about and interviews with Hugh Jackman out there that merely reiterate the same information over and over, but not this time. Static Multimedia was able to interview him recently about Rise of the Guardians and Les Misérables — and it’s quite the exciting read. In it, he talks about some childhood anecdotes, singing live on set from 8AM to 8PM, Christmas traditions, and he touches base on the power of meditation. It’s definitely worth the read for any fan looking for more insight into the man and his life. Check out an excerpt below before heading to the source; it’s also been added to the press archive in its entirety.

Who or what helped you to find out who you are?
Still going, man. Still working it out. But that’s why we are here really, isn’t it? So my father and my mum, particularly my dad, I think, had an influence on my life. He’s quite a religious man but I would say a very practical religious man. He doesn’t talk about it a lot, but he always encouraged that inner journey which I would say I am still on, definitely.

It would be sad if it ends one day, wouldn’t it?
Well for me, that’s everything. Way more important than the journey outside, as magical as that is, the inner journey is way more important.

[Rise of the Guardians] is also about dreams. Are you an intense dreamer?
No. I think I am just too tired and I sleep through it all. I used to dream a lot, and I remember when I was a kid, it’s really fascinating that idea of the boogie man because I remember being terrified of the dark, and terrified of going into the house alone. I remember running from room to room, all those things. In fact, my brother played a practical joke on me which probably put me in a state for years. I used to hear about boogie man under your bed and my brother would say, ‘Oh no, he’s there, he’s there!’ And we shared a bedroom together. And for about a month, I would occasionally feel this tap on the bed and I was like, ‘I think there’s something there.’ Like just one tap or two taps, and I would go off to sleep and I never had the guts to actually look under. Finally when I did, I want to say after a month, my brother was there and went, ‘Boo!’ So for a month every night, he had been under my bed. Cruel right?


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