‘The Wolverine’ to Shoot in Australia

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Here’s some surprising news: The Wolverine – previously slated to film in Japan, coinciding with the storyline – will now be primarily filmed in Sydney, Australia! Both the Herald Sun and Hugh Jackman (speaking to “Australia Today”) confirmed the news earlier today. You can check out the news story below, or watch the video featuring Hugh in costume as Jean Valjean; he also briefly talks about Les Miserables. The video can’t be embedded, so just click on the image above to watch it.

Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner, who helped secure the deal with 20th Century Fox when he flew to Los Angeles in January, said winning the film would generate more than 2000 jobs for Sydney.

“The Wolverine is expected to generate more than $80 million in production expenditure in NSW and create more than 720 jobs for NSW-based cast and crew, along with opportunities for 1200 extras,” he said.

“It is a testament to our screen industry that Hugh Jackman and his team have chosen to come back to Australia after such a positive experience making the X-Men Origins.”

The Federal Government has contributed $12.8 million to securing the film for Sydney, a bid that beat off Victoria as a possible location.

Although some production work is scheduled for the US, another $10 million worth of post-production work will be done here, especially visual effects. Both state and federal government incentives were provided to bring the film to Sydney.


‘Les Miserables’ Finale Filmed in Greenwich

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Hugh Jackman was spotted alongside Anne Hathaway today, April 18th, in Greenwich. Together, they were filming the grand finale in the upcoming movie-musical, Les Miserables. How do you think Hugh looks as the aged Jean Valjean? There’s also video footage of the filming, which gives fans explicit insight into what the end of the movie will look like.

Spoiler alert: the video below includes a respectable portion of the movie’s final number.

New Images from ‘Les Mis’ Revealed

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The official Facebook for Les Miserables has released some new pictures, giving insight into the production and what fans can expect to see on the big screen. Above, a look at the convict Jean Valjean as part of a chain gang in the musical’s epilogue. There are also a couple of pictures of Hugh Jackman on a French mountaintop (remember: Russell Crowe tweeted about this incident), which you can check out here.

Hugh Talks Shower Songs, Coffee, and Les Mis

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A new, brief interview has just surfaced, courtesy of the London Evening Standard. In it, Hugh Jackman talks about some Les Mis experiences (he’s on his second read-through of the novel now!), where he prefers to take his tea, and what song he likes to sing in the shower. An excerpt is below, but you can read the full interview at the source. It’s also been added to the press archive.

Is it true you call Russell Crowe ‘Twirly’ to provoke him for your fight scenes in Les Misérables?
That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. I call him Rusty and he calls me Jacker, we’re good mates.

A lot of people cry at the end. Did you?
I think I did tear up a bit. It’s a beautiful musical and the pedigree is amazing. I’ve read the book twice now and it’s such a great study of human nature, religion and politics.

After Spider-Man could Wolverine: The Musical be next?
Never say never. I mean, they did Jerry Springer: The Opera.

Do you find it hard to harmonise Hugh the action man with Hugh the all-singing, all-dancing twinkletoes?
No, I thrive on it. I like to do lots of different things, that’s what really turns me on. Maybe I’ve got a bit of ADD or something.

What’s your shower song?
Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me to the Moon.


Hugh and Family Play Football in NYC Park

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Hugh Covers April-May GQ Australia

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Many thanks to Mischa-B.com for the magazine scans!

Hugh can be seen on the cover of the April/May edition of GQ Australia. He’s part of the “50 Men of Style and Substance,” and there’s a small article detailing his personality and career. There’s emphasis on what a gentleman he is, especially in the more brutal (or less kind) Hollywood world. Scans have been added to the gallery, and I’ll try to write up a transcript for the press archive soon.

Hugh Talks Food to Financial Times

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As fans know by now, Hugh Jackman is a bit of a foodie. A new interview with Financial Times talks about some of his food/drink habits (including the first thing he eats when his Wolverine diet is finished), talk about coffee preferences, and inspiration behind Laughing Man, which recently launched in London. Check out an excerpt below, then head to the source to read the rest. It’s also been added to the press archive.

What is the best food or drink you’ve ever had on a film set?
The last meal of any Wolverine film, because I’m on a very strict diet for those movies. On the last day, I start with eggs Benedict and sultana bran. I have lasagna at some point; I have tiramisu. I have a milky cappuccino. If I haven’t thrown up by dinnertime, I have a hamburger. After five or six months of not eating carbohydrates, they’re usually what I feel like.

What is the first thing you eat or drink in the morning?
Half a litre of water when I wake up.

What were your school dinners like?
I made my own Vegemite sandwiches. They were terrible – I used frozen white bread. I always regretted it at lunchtime.

What do you make for a typical Sunday brunch?
For Sunday breakfast, I make orange and ricotta pancakes, crêpes and eggs. You know men, we usually go for breakfast because it’s the easiest thing to cook and then we try to make it seem fancy.

What do you consider bad manners at the table?
Cellphones. I’m a bit old school.


‘Rise of the Guardians’ Trailer Debuts

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The very first trailer for DreamWorks’s upcoming film, Rise of the Guardians, is now available online! Starring Hugh Jackman as the Easter Bunny (aka Bunnymund), it tells the story of various iconic fantasy figures who unite together to help protect children. The trailer looks absolutely spectacular (check out the golden, sparkling sand) and it’s great to hear Hugh voicing a character in his native, Australian accent. It’s pretty much just a teaser trailer for now, but it gives great insight into what to expect when the film is released later this year, on November 21st.

First Still for ‘Les Mis’ Released

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Hugh Jackman himself seems to have released the first official film still for the upcoming Les Miserables. On his own Twitter account, he posted the above picture with this accompanying message:

Very excited about how the first days of filming are going!! Check out my convict look…but its changing soon.

Judging by the quality, it looks to be more than a mere candid shot taken on set! It also sounds like he’ll soon ditch the beard and transform into Monsieur Madeleine, a reformed Jean Valjean. Any hopes for how he looks as the mayor of Montreuil-sur-Mer?

Laughing Man Coffee & Tea Launched in London

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Many thanks to Katniss & Peeta Online for the pictures.

A heavily-bearded Hugh Jackman was in attendance for the launch of Launching Man Coffee & Tea in London, England earlier today, March 23rd. The line of fair trade drinks can now be found at Harvey Nichols, on the fifth floor, for those locals who want to stop by for a taste. Pictures from the event have been added to the gallery. Congrats on the expansion, Hugh!

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