Hugh Walks Daughter to First Day Back at School

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Theater Talk Welcomes Hugh Jackman

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This is a bit delayed, but we’ll just blame that on the holiday season! Hugh Jackman recently appeared on CUNY TV’s Theater Talk, hosted by Susan Haskins and the New York Post‘s Michael Riedel, where he talked about his one-man show and Broadway experiences. It’s a pretty long interview – at just under a half-hour – and worth watching, if only for the anecdotes that Hugh peppers in throughout. You can watch it below or visit the official site for television air dates/times:

Hugh Strolls New York with Father

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New Insight on the Upcoming Film, ‘Rise of the Guardians’

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HitFix has given the great opportunity to eager fans to learn more about the upcoming DreamWorks film, Rise of Guardians. There’s a lot of new information on the otherwise very hush-hush project, including some details on Hugh’s character, the Easter Bunny. The film itself sounds very interesting with a lot of potential, being different from the more recent, rowdier animated features. I’ve included an excerpt of the article below, but please visit the source for the rest. A poster has also been debuted, which can be seen above. Enjoy!

What we don’t have is a better look at the art that we were shown during our sit-down conversation with the creative team. We were surrounded by images, including the Yetis who actually work at the North Pole. There are Elves too, little guys who wear their hats as full-body wardrobe, but the toys are made by Yetis who look like aggressively pissed-off pomeranians. We saw part of a sequence where the Easter Bunny and Jack Frost and the Sandman, who never speaks in the film except through sand shapes that he manifests around himself, all go to visit St. North at his secret home, and he ends up taking all of them on a wild sleigh ride, and even in a scene marked with some broad physical comedy and some wild CGI action, I was impressed by the sound of the film, the language of it, the elegance with which it lays out its fantasy world.

I guess I shouldn’t be shocked, then, that David Lindsay-Abaire (“Rabbit Hole”) is the screenwriter here. Working from extensive notes and ideas prepared by Joyce, Lindsay-Abaire was the one charged with actually pulling all of the material together into a film. This is the sort of ultra-high-concept idea that could easily be crass or noisy or phony, but it feels like they’re reaching for something here with some scope and some beauty.

I liked what I heard of Hugh Jackman’s Easter Bunny and Isla Fisher’s Tooth Fairy, and Chris Pine seems like a good fit as a sort of trickster spirit who starts to realize that his actions matter in the world and he can’t just keep floating along, never choosing a side between wrong and right, good and evil. Each of the Guardians is so different visually and in terms of environment that you get the feeling it’s a very big world in which these stories are going on.

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Hugh Gives Guests a Warm Welcome

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‘Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway”s Kearran Giovanni Honored

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Last night, December 16th, Kearran Giovanni was honored with the traditional Gypsy Robe! The Ceremony is a long-standing “theatrical ritual” that started back in 1950, and now involves celebrating a cast member’s achievements by bringing them to the center of the stage and allowing other company members to dance around them. A robe decorated by Broadway seasons is also involved. Here’s what Broadway World had to say on the history:

The Gypsy Robe began in 1950, when Bill Bradley, in the chorus of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, borrowed a dressing gown from Chorus member Florence Baum and sent it to a friend in Call Me Madam on opening night Oct 12, 1950 saying it was worn by all the Ziegfeld beauties and would “bless” the show. A cabbage rose from Ethel Merman’s gown was added and the robe was passed along to next Broadway musical on opening night. The tradition evolved so that the robe is now presented to the “gypsy” who has performed the most Broadway musicals on a chorus contract. Along the way, the robe is decorated, painted, patched, stitched, and signed by everyone in the show, becoming a fanciful patchwork for an entire Broadway season.

Kearran – who was seen in Broadway’s Catch Me If You Can earlier this year – is currently starring in Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway. It was no surprise, then, that was Hugh was at the event to help honor one of his show’s girls. Pictures from the Gypsy Robe Ceremony have been added to the gallery.

Hugh Leaves the Broadhurst Theatre

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Hugh Dresses Warmly with a Friend

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Thanks to Lindsey at Gosling Fan for the pictures.

Hugh Arrives Home Happy

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Hugh and Deb Attend Opening for Ivanka Trump’s Fine Jewelry Boutique

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