Sep 8, 2011
Gallery Comments Off on Hugh Departs Paris for Moscow

Sep 7, 2011
Film News, The Wolverine Comments Off on Official Updates on the Future of ‘The Wolverine’

Today there was a “media day” for the release of X-Men: First Class, and Lauren Shuler Donner – producer of all five X-Men films – gave a little update on the future of The Wolverine. She spoke to Thomas Leupp of and had this to say about the project:

The state of The Wolverine, the sequel to 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, remains very much in flux, as Deadline previously reported, with neither an exact start date nor locations pinned down. “The date has been moved back and we’re figuring out where to shoot it,” [Lauren Shuler Donner] said. “There’s an issue with Japan and we’re juggling with Hugh [Jackman]’s schedule because Hugh’s gonna do Les Miserables. Now we’re figuring out where we’re gonna shoot it and when.”

Sep 7, 2011
General News, Real Steel Comments Off on Hugh Scheduled for Special Talk at 92Y in NYC

On October 5th, 92nd Street Y – a New York City-based culture and community center – will host a special event for Real Steel. Hugh is scheduled for a talk with moderator Dr. Annette Insdorf, where he’ll discuss the movie along with director Shawn Levy. There will also be a preview of the film for those in attendance. You can still buy tickets at the website.

Sep 6, 2011
Film News, Gallery, Public Appearances, Real Steel Comments Off on Hugh Jackman Attends ‘Real Steel’ Premiere in Paris

Sep 6, 2011
General News, Real Steel Comments Off on Hugh Promotes ‘Real Steel’ on Le Grand Journal (09/06)

Hugh appeared on the French television program, “Le Grand Journal,” earlier today, September 6th. He was there to help promote Real Steel – which is having its Parisian premiere tonight (/currently) – but there were also a few other surprises, including a brief dance song and dance number to Peggy Lee’s “Fever” and a funny magic trick with his phone. Unfortunately, I can’t embed the video, but you can check out the interview by clicking the screen cap below.

Sep 6, 2011
Interviews, Press, Real Steel Comments Off on ‘Real Steel’ On Set Interview with Hugh Jackman

A new interview from has just been revealed, although it took place last summer during the filming of Real Steel. In it, Hugh talks extensively about the film: co-star Dakota Goyo’s skill set, training with Sugar Ray Leonard, how important it was to have actual robot props instead of relying heavily on CGI, among other things. Check out an excerpt below; it’s also been added to the Press Archive. You can also listen to the audio interview here.

Can you talk about this location? I mean what was it like first walking on set?

Hugh Jackman: My first thought was like no one is going to believe this is not CGI. Everyone’s going to think this is extension looks so incredible. Did you see some of the big wide shots?


Jackman: I mean it’s so amazing. That was my first thought that this looks so unbelievably good that they aren’t going to believe it’s for real. And I think it’s going to be the same with the robots because we have real robots for some of it and then it’ll be CGI. It’s really exciting.

How do the robots look?

Jackman: They look so unbelievable and have you seen any of the working one?

Not really, no.

Jackman: They look so unbelievable. Have you seen any of the working ones? They’re unbelievable. People will think they’re CGI but it makes such a difference for us as the actors and just the overall look. And I think what Shawn [Levy] has done so brilliantly is create a world that’s very real, very gritty, very timeless and robots that are sort of very everyday. I know what’s going to happen and every kid is going to be really upset that it’s not real because it’s so fun and you totally could believe that this would be the biggest sport in the world.

What’s the affect on you as an actor? It gives you more to work with I’m sure. Can you kind of talk about that experience?

Jackman: It does. Well of course it makes it a lot easier and I think particularly for Dakota who’s younger and hasn’t had that…I’ve had a little more experience with that stuff but nothing can replace that feeling of real amazement. A real sort of shock…when we first saw those robots, my jaw was on the ground. They’re just amazing. I think, the extras, there’s no doubt these guys are just blown away. And I think particularly when we’re working in close in close-ups it makes a huge difference just in grounding in reality.


Sep 5, 2011
Gallery Comments Off on Hugh Visits the Studio Guillaume Tell in Paris

Sep 5, 2011
General News, Real Steel Comments Off on Hugh Jackman to Star on WWE Raw SuperShow

On September 19th, Hugh will step into the WWE ringside to lend himself as a celebrity guest star. The WWE Raw SuperShow will take place live at Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena; for ticket info, check out the WWE live tour ticket site. A quote from Hugh about the event can be read below:

“In two weeks, I’ll be climbing into the ring on Raw to hang with the Superstars and the give the WWE Universe an exclusive first look at my new movie, Real Steel. Don’t miss it,” said Jackman, who stars in the upcoming sci-fi action flick, in theaters October 7.

Sep 4, 2011
Gallery Comments Off on Hugh Arrives Back in Paris for ‘Real Steel’ Promotion

Sep 4, 2011
General News, Real Steel Comments Off on Hugh Jackman Promoting ‘Real Steel’ on Various Magazines

Unfortunately, I don’t have the means to purchase (and scan) every magazine that Hugh will be featured on in the coming month as promotion for Real Steel. That said, what I can do is let fans know which he’ll be in! Up first are issues of Time Out Sydney (September ’11) and Men’s Health UK (October ’11). Check out summaries of the articles below:

“Man of Steel Hugh Jackman reflects on fame, family, being a ‘big kid,’ owning both stage and screen, and the magnetic pull of Sydney.”

“Hugh Jackman pushes his body harder than anyone in Hollywood. He tells MH about the mental and physical tools you need to get a powerful physique that’s built to last.”

Although I’m not able to provide scans, I would absolutely appreciate if anyone donated the content to HJF. You would get credit, of course. If you have the magazines, please contact me and let me know.

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