Jul 22, 2011
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Jul 21, 2011

Great news for Londoners and folks nearby: Hugh has told The Daily Mail that he’ll be bringing his one-man show to the English city. Because he’ll be filming Les Miserables at the time, the performances won’t be nightly, but he intends on getting onstage every Sunday evening. (Not only that, but there’s confirmation that he’s intending on bringing the act to Broadway next year!) An excerpt from the article, including information that could be beneficial to fans, is included below:

“I loved that ‘anything can happen,’ relaxed feel about Sinatra — and viewing Peter Allen’s tapes also taught me a lot,” he said. “We’re planning to do some Sunday night concerts when I’m in London in the spring.

“We’re looking for the right space, and the idea is to do the shows when I’ve got time off from Les Miserables. I just want them to be fun,” he told me, adding jokingly: “I feel like I should have a whisky in my hand, like Dean Martin, and then get Robbie Williams to come on and join me.”

Hugh said he expected to perform his concert show on Broadway in October next year.

He told me he met director Hooper for a three-hour audition for Les Mis. “I got cast early, because there was another movie I could do and I didn’t want to wait and get to November to find I had no movie at all. I told them that and I eventually got it.”

The stage version is completely sung through with no spoken dialogue. “That’s not going to work on film, so there’s now dialogue and songs,” said Hugh. “Tom’s take on the film is very exciting.”

Jul 21, 2011
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• During his Q&A with fans at the Real Steel truck earlier today, July 21st, Hugh let some information on the upcoming film about Wolverine surface. ScreenRant has posted a brief summary of some interesting details — including the villain! There are SPOILERS below, so read the excerpt and check out the video at your own discretion:

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• Fans who don’t want to read spoilers but may be interested in musicals should know that Hugh confirmed Les Miserables will start filming in February 2012.

• Entertainment Weekly has also posted a video from today, featuring Hugh talking about Real Steel and his fans. In it, he touches on how his upcoming robot boxing movie is, in fact, more than boxing robots. Because the video can’t embed, you’ll have to visit EW.com to view it.

• MovieWeb has uploaded some videos that feature the Real Steel giveaway earlier today, as well as an interview. There’s some closer look at the two robots – Atom and Noisy Boy – and some footage of Hugh onstage as well.

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• Another video of Hugh talking about Real Steel has been released, this one from Associated Press. In it, he discusses the special effects on the film, as well as appreciating his Comic-Con fanbase. Check it out below:

Jul 21, 2011
General News, Rumored Projects Comments Off on Will There be a Screen Adaptation of “A Steady Rain”?

According to ComingSoon.net, where the news was broken by Hugh Jackman himself, Steven Spielberg is currently working on a screen adaptation of the play, A Steady Rain. Keith Huff wrote the play and, although Hugh mentioned that a writer was on board for the film, it is unsure whether or not Huff is at the helm. ComingSoon.net also reported that they presume Hugh and Daniel Craig – who starred in the roles in the Broadway production – will reprise the roles for the screen, though that remains unconfirmed. Read a summary of the play below:

A Steady Rain focuses on two Chicago policemen who inadvertently return a Vietnamese boy to a cannibalistic serial killer who claims to be the child’s uncle. When he later becomes the man’s latest victim, the lifelong friendship of the two men is threatened when it becomes clear someone must bear responsibility for their egregious failure to assess the situation accurately.

Jul 21, 2011
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Wolverine star Hugh Jackman made a surprise appearance at Comic-Con on Thursday morning to promote his robot boxing movie Real Steel, answering questions and bestowing swag upon a cheering crowd.

In the film, Jackman plays a down-and-out former boxer 10 years in the future when the sport is no longer done by humans, but rather 2,000-pound robot gladiators, two of which Jackman showed off to the crowd at the event.

“The world of human boxing is being superceded by robots who box,” Jackman said. “They’re badass. They’re unbelieveable. They’re great. But the reason I love the story was the human element of it. It’s a father-son relationship.”

“Wolverine” star Hugh Jackman made a surprise appearance at Comic-Con on Thursday morning to promote his robot boxing movie “Real Steel,” answering questions and bestowing swag upon a cheering crowd.

In the film, Jackman plays a down-and-out former boxer 10 years in the future when the sport is no longer done by humans, but rather 2,000-pound robot gladiators, two of which Jackman showed off to the crowd at the event.

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Jul 20, 2011
Gallery Comments Off on Ava and Oscar Get iPads from Hugh

Jul 20, 2011
General News, Real Steel Comments Off on Hugh Jackman to Attend 2011 Comic-Con

Here’s some great news for anyone attending Comic-Con this year: Hugh Jackman himself is scheduled to have a special appearance! Although there is no news about him attending any talks (maybe lucky event-goers will see him show up at Thursday’s 20th Century Fox panel), Collider has informed fans that he’ll be there in support of Real Steel. Check out the details below:

The actor will be in the Petco parking lot tomorrow [Thursday, July 20th] morning at 10:30am PST along with the Real Steel truck that will be driving around San Diego this weekend. Jackman will be handing out free toys and swag for the Shawn Levy-directed robot boxing flick.

Jul 19, 2011
General News Comments Off on QTV Interviews Hugh Jackman

There’s a bit of delay in posting this, but I was waiting for the video of the interview to finally show up! Anyway, here’s a really great (and long) interview by QTV, promoting Hugh Jackman’s Toronto performances and speaking about his career. There may not be any new information, but there’s a lot of insight into Hugh and the Hollywood life.

Jul 14, 2011
General News Comments Off on Hugh Jackman Treats His Dog to a European Vacation

Hugh Jackman takes care of his own, so when the actor flew to Toronto earlier this month to perform in a one-man show, he brought along his kids and the family’s 10-month-old French bulldog Dali – in first class!

The lucky pup will soon rack up even more frequent-flier miles: After Hugh Jackman in Concert ends its run this weekend, the family, with Dali in tow, will jet off for their summer vacation.

“He’s coming to Europe with us,” Jackman’s wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, told PEOPLE at the July 13 Cinema Society screening of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. “He’s part of the family.”

Dali may have a French pedigree, but he also has a Spanish spirit, thanks to his name. “My son, [Oscar], is an artist, and his favorite artist is Salvador Dalí,” Furness said. “Because of the way [the dog’s] mouth curls, he looks like Salvador Dalí with a mustache.”

She added, “He’s got a face only a mother could love.”


Jul 11, 2011
Gallery Comments Off on Hugh Jackman and Family Celebrate Ava’s Birthday in Toronto

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