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As you may have heard, Queensland, Australia is suffering from extreme flooding. Some families situated there have lost everything, while communities at large are dealing with mass destruction. The Queensland government has asked for your help. Being that Hugh Jackman calls Australia his home, I felt it was especially appropriate to provide a link to help those in need. Please, if you wish to donate to Queensland’s flood relief fund, visit the following website:

3 Comments on “Donate to Queensland’s Flood Relief Fund

  1. Dann

    I’ve been reading a lot about what’s been going on in QLD. It’s a very unfortunate situation, and I’m really glad that a relief fund has been set up. Thanks for providing the link, Kristina.

  2. Vicki

    Michelle Keegan Online has moved to please change your links =]

    1. Kristina

      Thanks for letting me know, Vicki! The links have been changed. :)

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