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Since: December 23, 2010
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I’ve always had a love for celebrities who treat people right, and Hugh has always come across as being a man who knows how to be kind. He has excited me as a public figure just as much as he has an actor, which inspired me to “honor” him – so to speak – with a fan site for him. Not to mention, he has such a bustling career that maintaining a site for his professional endeavors forces me to stay on the ball, and I quite like that. In December 2010, I purchased the domain ( and set to building up yet another site for the actor.

Hugh Jackman Fan aims to be a little different from most fan sites, in that I actually want it to be a place made by fans, for fans. In these beginning days, there isn’t too much on the site, but I hope to provide interactive content to engage those who also love Hugh. Eventually I may even install a forum so fans can talk to one another. HJF should serve as a hub for those with a similar interest.

Ultimately, I wanted this site to be a place to say “thank you” for Hugh for being such a decent guy and a triple-threat, and to give him a site with content geared towards the greatest sect of all: his fans. Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy.

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Name: Kristina
Role: Owner / Maintainer

Kristina is a 25-year-old Florida native who escaped to the San Francisco Bay Area when she realized she was either allergic to heat or right-wing politics. There, she attended an art college as a photography major but quickly faced her destiny and changed her major to writing & literature. Now she doesn’t like most books. In fact, now she doesn’t even plan on writing novels. Like most Californians, she’s currently working on her first screenplay.

When she’s procrastinating her writing (which is often), she’s working on her websites, watching TCM, and thinking about how fun it would be to build a model airplane. She also takes lots of pictures of her cat, Lukas, and her boxer, Charlie. Her favorite films Hugh has done are Australia, The Prestige, and X2. To contact her, please see here – or visit her site, Dizzy Spell!

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